Brewery ArtWalk in Los Angeles

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Just only a couple of short weekends ago my boyfriend, daughter and I went to the Brewery ArtWalk in Los Angeles CA. The only reason why I knew about it was because MikieP (from Etsy) had discussed it in our forum. There I was able to have a chance to meet MikieP and his lovely wife RavenX. Not knowing how to get there or what to expect, I was thrilled to be going. I love art and everything about it, but I haven't studied it. Knowing different mediums, and how to do different textures isn't my thing. Not that I'm not interested in it, but just never learned beyond what I learned in Beginning Art in College.

I've never been to an Art Walk, and it was really quiet fun. I was dreaming of a street that all the artists would have their work put out and you would just walk section to section. Well I was half right and half wrong. These were their lofts that we were going into. Their homes...their studios. I was a bit surprised, even at the artists that would allow you to go up to their rooms and check out the whole thing. Pretty interesting.

Here are just a few places we went to go check out. Sometimes I felt uncomfortable about taking pictures of their art...but it was amazing. I just couldn't help myself sometimes. I didn't catch everyone's name, but one artist and MikieP and RavenX's of course. Hope you enjoy!

Let's Play Dead - Ryan Patterson

A beautiful Vanity...a photo could not show the true beauty

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  1. I found out about ARtWalk from RAvenX and went there to meet her and Mike as well - I love the artwork you featured I loved many of the same pieces and will be doing some artist profiles from that day - wasn't it AMAZING!! come on over and visit me sometime:


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