Homemade Tortillas

Guess who is having homemade tortillas tomorrow?!?!?! 

Yep! It's me! How did you guess? Ok...well I'm actually sharing them with a few co-workers, but if I had it my way....I would eat them all. Although I do make them every weekend for breakfast, I'm like the Black Eyed Peas "just can't get enough!".

I'm not normally one to brag, but my tortillas are pretty darn good! How do I know this? I had the best critic eat one. Thanks Dad! Why is he the best critic? Well he told me that when they were little, my grandma would make 7 - 8 dozen a day!!! Seriously, a day! There were about 15 kids so the older ones were growing boys. But my mom actually helped me out with giving me some advise on how to roll them out. Lucky for me, my grandpa actually gave me my grandma's rolling pin, and they come out DELISH! Not because of the rolling pin, but it helps flatten them so much easier than a regular rolling pin.

Trust me, it's a lot of work and I've had to find a few recipes to try, but actually found one that was good, added a little bit more of this and that...then BAM! Perfection!

Table for 1

Valentine's Day is a very stressful day. Either,  you are in love and can't wait for this day so all you do is stress about what you are going to do. Buy something naughty? Maybe! Something sweet? You betcha! But what happens when you don't have a special somebody? Well I have the answer...
Don't breathe that day!

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Sherbet Scarf

Living in Southern California is amazing! But when it comes to winter time, it makes me confused on what season it's in. We started off this winter as a warm one, then it just became hot! It cooled off recently and even rained. But to the news casters it's "Weather Disaster 2012!!", they can be so dramatic right? Well, I've been on a kick with scarves lately. Some I haven't even posted on Etsy yet (but I will get there), and I seem to come up with some ideas. They could be strange at times, but I always seem to draw them down, because you never know if they are going to be something amazing. On my path of creating my new scarf, I came up with an ice cream one. I did a little bit of research online and only saw individual ice creams that stacked on top of each other, but nothing what I was imagining. So I decided I was going to do it! While creating my what I like to call "Sherbet Scarf", I had to ask a few friends their opinions. I even ask men what they thought! Well, reviews were coming back pretty positive. And I say pretty positive, because that was the men reviews. Most guys just don't care about accessories like we do.

I teamed up with my friends at BlinkIt Photography, and were able to get a quick picture with no other than Miss Teen Asia USA 2011 ~ Meeghan Henry! How exciting!!! She apparently loved the scarf and was happy to do a quick pose with it. Hopefully in the near future I will be teaming up with them again and showing the world how amazing their photography is, and how awesome my accessories look in their photos.
At the time when this picture was taken, the back part of the scarf was not in the photo. When you have an opportunity and it happens so fast, you just have to do what the designers on Project Runway and just get it out there! So that's what I did. However I did hand sew each tiny "sprinkle" bead, and those take forever! But I thought it came out cute, colorful and even though it's winter, you could always show a little love for the summer treats!

What do you love?

So as I'm going through my google items, I happen to come across "What do you love?". So the first thing that popped into my mind was....(click below to find out). What would your first thought be?

Check out what my "What do you love?" is...

There is actually some really cool things, and stuff I would have never imagined to look up. But now that it shows, I might do this more often.

Neon Cupcakes

For my daughters 7th birthday, I decided I was going to do an idea that I found on Pinterest for her cupcakes for the kids at school. It was a rainbow cake! It was the most amazing looking cake (on the inside) that I have ever seen! It was full of bright rainbow colors and it looked delish! Well...I wanted to do the exact same thing, but my daughter wasn't having it. She wanted a cake with pink in it...which I don't blame her. After all it is not MY cake, but hers. So I went to the store and found Neon Food Coloring (because it had pink) and bought my cake mix. Now the recipe on that blog/site just called for Sprite and the cake mix, but I like the good old fashion: eggs, oil and water.

Vanilla/White Cake Mix (and the box ingredients)
Neon Food Coloring (4 colors)
4 small cereal bowls
Spoons (lots of them!)

You follow the mixing directions exactly how the box tells you. Then you grab 4 cereal bowls (or mixing bowls) and add the same amount of cake batter to each bowl. We want them to be even. Next you add the food coloring. The amount of drops may vary, depending on how light or bright you want your cake/cupcakes. I wanted mine to pop! So I added 7 drops of each color except for the yellow/green color, I used 10 drops for that one. After you mix the food coloring and cake batter together...grab one color and start adding a spoonful to each cupcake cup. If you are doing this for a cake then add the different color batter one at a time. Make sure you add one color more on the side, then add another on the opposite side. This gives the cupcake/cake some character! Your cupcakes will start to look like mine below.
 Bake them as the box directs you too...let them cool...then frost! This was super easy, so easy my child could do it (if she was awake when I did it). 


Amazing right?!?!?! So many of my friends loved it, they are going to try it themselves. You should try it too and send me your creations at satindollydesigns@gmail.com

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Decided to add Satin Dolly on Google+!  This is sure to be fun! Just click on the badge above!

Elf Stole My Keys

So last night was the last night I saw my keys. The last place I looked, it was on the counter. My family came down to celebrate my daughters birthday, and I remember staring at them and reminding myself to put them away. But for whatever reason I didn't. So after everyone left, and reading my daughter a bedtime story...I then decided to go online and play my normal facebook games (yeah...don't judge), then went to bed. Well this morning, my keys were gone! So out of frustration (and waiting to leave for the day) I look for my keys. But they were no where in site. So I searched some more...and more and more! Still didn't find them. Lucky for me, my Sister-in-law came over and took my daughter to school....but still no luck. I search the whole place! I mean I tore apart my closet area, checked in my daughters room, went outside, checked in the trash, dirty laundry, bathroom, clothes, jackets and my bed! Still nothing! I took me until about mid afternoon to just give up and call off the search. I had to replace my locks which is never a fun expense.

I assume that an elf came into my house and stole my keys. Yeah....and he would be the super cute and innocent looking type of elf.

I sure hope he decides to bring them back, because I feel naked without my keys.
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