Forum Fun!

I was browsing some forum titles just awhile ago, and I came across one that said "KNOCK IT OFF!". An Etsy seller was using a Call Out on another Etsy seller, and it was so ironic how she was yapping up a storm, and yet her Etsy name had "DramaQueen" in it. Anyway, this forum was so fast that I would type in a comment and I was already 3 pages behind. It went on from a call out, to a promo forum. Everyone started doing free shipping, or freebies and discount codes. It was all too hilarious!! To my surprise, by the time I posted my comment I had just made it in before they closed the thread. Then, I realized I had a convo!!! That convo was from April with Kaiku. She then notified me I was her contest winner! For her sweet generosity I am now promoting her on my blog. Thanks for the sweet card April!  

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