Neon Cupcakes

For my daughters 7th birthday, I decided I was going to do an idea that I found on Pinterest for her cupcakes for the kids at school. It was a rainbow cake! It was the most amazing looking cake (on the inside) that I have ever seen! It was full of bright rainbow colors and it looked delish! Well...I wanted to do the exact same thing, but my daughter wasn't having it. She wanted a cake with pink in it...which I don't blame her. After all it is not MY cake, but hers. So I went to the store and found Neon Food Coloring (because it had pink) and bought my cake mix. Now the recipe on that blog/site just called for Sprite and the cake mix, but I like the good old fashion: eggs, oil and water.

Vanilla/White Cake Mix (and the box ingredients)
Neon Food Coloring (4 colors)
4 small cereal bowls
Spoons (lots of them!)

You follow the mixing directions exactly how the box tells you. Then you grab 4 cereal bowls (or mixing bowls) and add the same amount of cake batter to each bowl. We want them to be even. Next you add the food coloring. The amount of drops may vary, depending on how light or bright you want your cake/cupcakes. I wanted mine to pop! So I added 7 drops of each color except for the yellow/green color, I used 10 drops for that one. After you mix the food coloring and cake batter together...grab one color and start adding a spoonful to each cupcake cup. If you are doing this for a cake then add the different color batter one at a time. Make sure you add one color more on the side, then add another on the opposite side. This gives the cupcake/cake some character! Your cupcakes will start to look like mine below.
 Bake them as the box directs you too...let them cool...then frost! This was super easy, so easy my child could do it (if she was awake when I did it). 


Amazing right?!?!?! So many of my friends loved it, they are going to try it themselves. You should try it too and send me your creations at

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