Homemade Tortillas

Guess who is having homemade tortillas tomorrow?!?!?! 

Yep! It's me! How did you guess? Ok...well I'm actually sharing them with a few co-workers, but if I had it my way....I would eat them all. Although I do make them every weekend for breakfast, I'm like the Black Eyed Peas "just can't get enough!".

I'm not normally one to brag, but my tortillas are pretty darn good! How do I know this? I had the best critic eat one. Thanks Dad! Why is he the best critic? Well he told me that when they were little, my grandma would make 7 - 8 dozen a day!!! Seriously, a day! There were about 15 kids so the older ones were growing boys. But my mom actually helped me out with giving me some advise on how to roll them out. Lucky for me, my grandpa actually gave me my grandma's rolling pin, and they come out DELISH! Not because of the rolling pin, but it helps flatten them so much easier than a regular rolling pin.

Trust me, it's a lot of work and I've had to find a few recipes to try, but actually found one that was good, added a little bit more of this and that...then BAM! Perfection!

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