Mixed Media Cocktail

If you ever notice that every Etsy artist has a great story. Here is  MixedMediaCocktail and you should learn a little bit why they love what they do.

P.S. Plus they do roses so it's an extra bonus from me! =)

"My mom and I are creative individuals, or at least I think that way. Our family consists of mural painters and knitters to photographers and jewelry makers; perhaps passion and creativity gets passed down from generation to generation.

Even on a bad day, I feel like she and I can turn to our crafts and arts to soothe our minds and restore our energy and self-worth. The only thing I wish there was more of is time...time to create, time to inspire, time to help others.

In a world of mass-production, it's priceless to stand for something, to be an individual, to have an identity. You feel unstoppable...you feel free.

This is why we do what we do."

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