DIY Pore Strips

It's been a long time....but I'm back! Not only to talk about my jewelry or things that I'm working on, but to talk about many other subjects. Today is about DIY Pore Strips. Now if you have ever gone to the store and bought Biore Pore Strips, you will find that they are expensive. It's to the point that you have to debate if you really want to buy them, but your nose or chin is not looking so great. So I use them on occasion, and when I mean by's like twice a year. Because I don't want to buy them again because of the $6 - $8 expense. Anyway, while searching on Pinterest, I came across this DIY Pore Strip article. So today I decided to actually try it myself. Now, you have to look at the site and see her pictures to understand what you are going to look like. It's gross looking, and has a weird smell, but it's a small price to pay when you plan on Free Poring your face!

I mixed my 1 TBSP (1 packet) of Gelatin
With 1 1/2 TBSP of Milk
Then popped it in the microwave for 12 seconds
Let it cool off before applying
Then wait....(for about 15 mins)

After waiting about 15 mins (it depends on how thick you put it on), I decided to peel it off. And it's like between a mask and a biore strip. All was good, but gross at the same time, but now I feel awesome. The only thing I suggest is....don't put it near your eyes or too close under your eyes. That skin is sensitive and I'm very cautious about wrinkles, I wouldn't want to create new ones. And may try small areas at a time. This stuff drys quick so you can't save it for another time. It's like a wham bam thank you mam!

Around the area of my nose is irritated, but that's all that I see or have any type of issue with. It will hurt like a bandaid being ripped off. But my face is sensitive (from jaw surgery that left me with some numbness on my face), and it didn't hurt that bad.

I'm not as brave as her, by adding pictures of my experience, but you should check out her blog!

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