Elf Stole My Keys

So last night was the last night I saw my keys. The last place I looked, it was on the counter. My family came down to celebrate my daughters birthday, and I remember staring at them and reminding myself to put them away. But for whatever reason I didn't. So after everyone left, and reading my daughter a bedtime story...I then decided to go online and play my normal facebook games (yeah...don't judge), then went to bed. Well this morning, my keys were gone! So out of frustration (and waiting to leave for the day) I look for my keys. But they were no where in site. So I searched some more...and more and more! Still didn't find them. Lucky for me, my Sister-in-law came over and took my daughter to school....but still no luck. I search the whole place! I mean I tore apart my closet area, checked in my daughters room, went outside, checked in the trash, dirty laundry, bathroom, clothes, jackets and my bed! Still nothing! I took me until about mid afternoon to just give up and call off the search. I had to replace my locks which is never a fun expense.

I assume that an elf came into my house and stole my keys. Yeah....and he would be the super cute and innocent looking type of elf.

I sure hope he decides to bring them back, because I feel naked without my keys.

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